Bobbie Jacobs

Level 2 city guilds dog grooming assistant, practical dog behaviour specialist.

Bobbie grew up and competed with otter hounds, wolfhounds and German shepherds so from a very young age knew she wanted to involve herself in the canine industry. She started work, straight from school, at a top Irish wolfhound and greyhound kennel in Wiltshire.

She stayed at the kennel for two years, right up until she was asked to join the Isle Of Wight RSPCA at the age of 18.

At the RSPCA, Bobbie worked very closely with all types of dogs and cruelty cases and took even more of an interest. At the age of 21 she became the manageress of the establishment and oversaw the day to day running of it for 12 years. After her time at the RSPCA she left to work and train with Donna Clinch; and has now been grooming with Donna since 2000.

Bobbie is a lively member of the team, whose professional attitude and unstoppable sense of humour keeps a fantastic working atmosphere in the salon.