Donna Clinch

Proprietor | IPG International Profesional Groomers Incorporated

Donna was just 12 years old when she decided that she would become a professional dog groomer. She began her full time training at the age of 16 becoming the youngest ever member of the British Dog Groomers Association. When Donna was 25, she took the City and Guilds 7750 practical and written Exams, both of these, she passed with flying colours! Donna was awarded the Vocational Assessor Award in Dog Grooming in 1998, and holds the Member Institute for Animal Care Education (MIACE) Qualification.

In 1987 Donna was asked to undertake the care and trimming for ten toy poodles belonging to magic act and illusionists Mark and Joan Raffles, whom Donna accompanied and prepared the little dogs for their stage and TV appearances, where they were filmed with Paul Daniels. The little poodles were very much loved and enjoyed their shows! In the late 80’s Donna was showing her Toy Poodle Tizer (Vanitonia Canna Tizer) and achieved her dream of a Crufts qualification. Donna is an expert in the trimming of all breeds of dog, mastering the special techniques that make her excell as a canine beautician.

Donna fulfilled her dream of opening her own salon in 2007. The rapidly expanding business now means that Donna has a number of girls working for her who she thoroughly enjoys working with and sharing her skills. In 2010, the Isle of Wight Dog Grooming Centre achieved Grooming Business of the Year, which was Donnas greatest achievement to date. She also had a very successful few years entering grooming competitions throughout the UK. She won first place at the British Dog Grooming Championships in 2011 and 1st place with a Poodle when entering the Experienced Group Pure Bred Scissor. Donna is now also a member of the International Professional Groomers.

Donna brings absolute commitment to the work of Dog Grooming and welfare caring for dogs and their owners. Donna now owns a beautiful white Standard poodle, Angelina and a gorgeous Miniature Poodle called Paris, who are normally to be found in her armchair in the salon keeping an eye on things!! Donna has bred 2 gorgeous litters of standard poodles, who are now all regular clients, brought to us by there loving owners and hopes to breed Paris this year.

Donna is currently taking the Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming as soon as she can. Although finding time for this is proving tricky due to the constant flow of clients to the salon!