Closure due to Coronavirus

To all our amazing customers,

It is not easy to have to inform you all that in order to follow government guidelines, we will be closed for at least another three weeks and will reassess the situation in order to try and reopen the week following the next announcement on the 7th May.

We are missing you and all our furry friends and understand how frustrating this must be for you all, especially our high maintenance breeds who normally come every 4-6 weeks. We can’t at the moment re-book any of the scheduled appointments as we are still unsure when we will be allowed back to work and believe it will cause more chaos if we then have to reschedule again. We will try our upmost to get all our clients who have missed a scheduled appointment due to our closure in at the earliest possible opportunity and as a matter of priority.

In the meantime, if you require any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us as the phones are diverted and we are always available to talk. We are aware that some of you may resort to trying to trim your pet at home but would advise to just keep brushing and combing them through every day or as often as possible to avoid matting.

We will try and upload some videos or techniques for you to follow to try and help you through these next few weeks.

We wish you all the best health over the next couple weeks and look forward to seeing you all soon. STAY SAFE 💙❤️