About us

A little history about The Isle of Wight Dog Grooming Centre.

The Centre, owned by Donna Clinch, opened its doors in November 2007 with just one full time member of staff … Within 3 months the business thrived and became so successful Donna took on another full time dog groomer.

Over the next 6 months it became apparent that more staff were needed owing to the huge popularity of the Centre, resulting in a further 5 members of staff being employed including a college student who i s now being actively trained by the senior staff.

The centre is now so successful and popular, it is necessary to open the salon in the evenings – the staff can often be found grooming dogs until 10 o’clock at night! Weekend openings are also now a regular occurrence.

The centre has a huge client base, full of happy customers who wouldn’t have their dog groomed anywhere else.