benjiHow long does the average groom take?

Each breed of dog can vary depending on coat and type of trim required. The average groom time is 2½ to 3 hours. Grooms such as handstrips or full scissors may take longer.

Can I stay with my dog

It’s actually better if you leave the salon as dogs are like children and will play up more trying to get to their owner. If your dog is new to the grooming process or is old or nervous, we recommend that they come in for some sits and cuddles sessions prior to their first groom. This will enable them to get used to our environment and will help both dog and owner feel more relaxed about their upcoming grooming session. We can call you whilst they are here to give you an update on how your dog is doing and we will not hesitate to contact you if we think your dog needs to return home.


How often should my dog have its nails cut

This really depends on your dog. If your dog is walked more on grass and fields than on roads he/she will need them cut more often as there is no surface to wear the nails down. If you are unsure you can just pop into the salon at any point and we can let you know if they need cutting.

How often should my dog be bathed

Again this depends on your dog and how much he/she likes to swim in the river or roll in something unpleasant. Our shampoos are very mild so they will not cause any irritation to your dog’s skin, no matter how often you have your dog bathed. Whilst your dog is in the hydro bath, they will be given a coat condition which will ensure the natural oils within your dog’s coat are replenished. It is essential that the dog is bathed prior to trimming in order to achieve the best results.

What’s the difference between clipping and stripping

Clipping is done by using electric clippers and stripping is done by “plucking” the hair out with fingers and using tools to pull out the dead or blown coat from the roots. Stripping can only be done on dogs with a wire texture coat. Stripping allows the coat to become harder and brilliant in colour. Colour change is more likely to happen in a dog that is clipped. Unfortunately sometimes even if your dog is a breed known for having a wire coat he/she will still need clipping because if the hair is too soft, it may hurt the dog. Stripping is also a much lengthier process which requires time an experience to do it properly.

Why has my dogs coat gone fluffy

If you have had your dog castrated/spayed, this affects the dog’s coat and may cause the coat to become very fluffy. When a dog has a fluffy coat, we can either clip it or scissor/thin by hand. On hand strip dogs, clipping your dog can have this effect on his/her coat and your dog may not be able to be stripped again. The more times a dog is clipped, the fluffier their coat may become. When we have bathed your dog, we used a strong dyer which makes the coat become straighter and easier to trim. When you dog leaves the salon, their coat will be much fluffier than when they arrived. This will however flatten down when they get home as they get wet/lie down etc.

What if my dog doesn’t like the hair dryer?

The majority of dogs don’t mind having their coats dried with our quick dryers. They all wear happy hoodies to block out the noise. The quick dryer is much stronger than the slow dryer and is able to blow out lots of dead coat and small knots. Even dogs who may dislike the hair dryer at home generally don’t mind being dried here with the quick dryer. If a dog really dislikes the quick dryer, we can always use the slow dryer which just takes longer to get the coat dry enough to be trimmed.

What age can my dog start to be groomed?

Your dog can come into the grooming salon any time after he/she has had all of their jabs. It’s a good idea to get them in young as it gets them used to the sounds and the environment inside the salon. If you bring your puppy in as soon as possible, they will become more socialised and we can also advise and discuss with you, their first groom.

Will my dog be offered any food/water and be able to go to the toilet when in the salon?

We require you to make sure your dog is given a good walk and is able to go to the toilet before they come in to the salon. All dogs have access to water and we have an outdoor area should they need to go to the toilet if they are here for long periods of time. No dogs are given any treats or food in the salon unless they are specifically requested and provided by the owner. Treats are available in the reception area should you wish to give one to your dog.

How often does my dog need grooming?

This depends on what your dog has done. The majority of dogs who have a trim come every 6-8 weeks. Some dogs that are more high maintenance may require trimming every 4 weeks whilst other dogs who may have had a really short trim, or whose coat doesn’t grow as quickly may not need to come back for 10-12 weeks. We can advise you on your appointment when you should book in again. The length of time left between grooms also depends on how well you are able to maintain the coat at home. If a dog is groomed daily and is matt free, they will be able to go longer whilst a dog that becomes very matted very quickly, will have to come sooner otherwise the preferred style may not be possible. Dogs which are only bathed and tidied can go anything from 6 weeks to 4 months depending on how thick your dog’s coat is. Please remember this is just a guideline and every dog and breed is different.

Can my dog be groomed when she is in season?

Generally, we can accommodate a bitch that is in season. It is advisable that you contact us to discuss the stage of your bitch’s season prior to her appointment.

What should I do if my dog doesn’t seem to like going to the grooming salon or misbehaves?

Dogs are typically better behaved when they are in our grooming salon than when they are at home. Dogs that may appear nervous when they first come into the salon calm down when their owner has gone and they get used to our environment. We can always give the dog extra time to settle in. It is highly recommended that a nervous dog comes in for socialisation prior to their appointment. This has proven to improve their experience of visiting us greatly.

Is my dog too old to be groomed?

Every owner knows their dog and what they are able to cope with. We have a ‘quiet’ room that our older dogs can sit in and be groomed. Happy hoodies are worn when the dog is being bathed and dried to block out any noise which may distress them. We will ensure that your dog is in the best care possible whilst they are with us and extra time will be given to ensure they have the appropriate amount of rest when needed. Your dog will not be required to stand for long periods of time and can sit at his/her leisure on our comfy beds. We can always change their usual style if requested to make their coat more manageable when they are at home.

When should I book my dog in again?

It is advisable that you book your dog in again when you pick them up. We suggest that you phone up at least two weeks in advance of when you dog is due to be groomed to make an appointment. If your dog only requires a bath and groom with no trimming then we may be able to fit you in sooner. We also operate a cancellation list if you require a more urgent appointment. Our Christmas bookings are in high demand and will need to be booked around October time to avoid disappointment.